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July 2013: The US Patent Office has awarded a patent to RAM Associates for the wind modeling algorithms that are the heart of their RAMWind model. We are working toward the introduction of V2 of the RAMWind software, which will allow modeling of wind speeds based on the input of a single anemometer tower location. The V2 software should be available before the end of 2013.

December 2012: RAMWind Beta software now available for trial use! Go to to download the software (includes user's manual and example files)

May 2011: RAMWind model now provides wind mapping capabilities. Check out this example from an actual site: RAMWind Model Case Study

May 2011: Jack gave a podium presentation at the AWEA WindPower Conference discussing extreme wind shear across the Great Plains. Check out the PPT link under Publications

December 2010: Patent application submitted for RAMWind Terrain model. Contact us for a trial version.

November 2010: Researching correlation between cloud cover and night-time shear. Developing method to incorporate long-term cloud cover to better estimate long-term shear.

September 2010: Liz joins RAM Associates! :)