Wind Energy Consulting RAM Resource Assessment and Micrositing

Over 30 years of experience in the wind industry.

La Gloria

Blue Canyon Developed RAMWind terrain model for micrositing. Shown to be more accurate than commercial products such as WAsP, WindSim and Meteodyn.

Extensive Experience in Resource Assessment and Wind Farm Design Across the Globe


Have conducted resource assessment studies in 40 states and 17 countries. Including: USA, Canada, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Peru, Argentina, UK, Greece, and New Zealand



Experience with wide range of wind class regimes and climatic conditions.


Curious what the significance of our logo is? It is a replica of the Mandelbrot Fractal. A fractal is something that seemingly repeats itself in form at various scales. Self similarity is a hallmark of fractals and in nature these are observed in the growth of ice crystals, clouds, the structure of coastlines, etc. The Mandelbrot Fractal is a purely mathematical construct, but its infinitely varying, yet repeating patterns in higher resolution represent the patterns observed in atmospheric motion – from global circulation patterns down to turbulence and on to viscosity. Below are some examples of the beautiful patterns that emerge. Click on the link to create your own! Click on the link to create your own! Link to Mandelbrot App